Italian Amateur Radio Station IZ4JFD


I am Valerio, operator at the amateur radio station IZ4JFD. On this site, I introduce myself, I present my station, and I describe its activity.
In addition to being a ham radio operator, I am also an SWL (Short Waves Listener) and my listening station is I4-2979BO.
And a CB, proud member of the Alfa Tango DX group: if you listen to station 1 AT 983, that operator is me.

Can I give you some advice?...

  • In addition to my passion for radio technology, would you like to know what pushed me to become a ham radio operator (a radio operator, in general)? Just click on The Operator link.

  • Now that you know (almost) everything about the operator, do you want to know about the station and where it is? Click on The Station link to discover the radios, antennas, and accessories used by IZ4JFD, and on The QTH link to find out where it operates from.

  • Do you already know what a ham radio operator is, and how his/her station works? Do you want to know which Countries I have contacted, and "how far" I have come? The Worked Zones link will tell you everything.

  • Do you apply in electronics and/or radio technology, to the point of creating and using your own circuits? The Projects link lists what I have homebrew so far, and the Documents link presents the specifications of the components I have used.

  • Did you like my site? Otherwise, couldn't you care less than anything else about it? Anyway, would you like to contact me? The Contacts link will tell you how to do it.


My last contacts, straight from my logbook on

What is the propagation like?

The current status of propagation in HF and VHF bands, and the forecast for the rest of the day.